Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As we embark on a new school year...

I am really excited to get started with our 4th year of homeschooling! Just a few more days! We are trying some new things this year, so I pray that God will lead us through. This will be our first year using our new Orthodox curriculum! We have already started working through our Children's Liturgy & Liturgy Activity books. They are chocked full of information!! Katelyn made a paper doll of Father Andrew, our priest at Sts. Cyril & Methody. But it is so great for her to know what is happening at the altar & the meaning behind it.

We are also going to try our hand at some lapbooks. this I am really excitied about!! Katelyn loves to do crafty things, so I think she will love this. The first one we are going to work on is music. I am going to teach her to read sheet music & maybe the basics of piano playing (since all I know is the basics!!heehee) and then onto some composers. If you have never seen a lapbook, here is a link to some!! Too much fun!!

We are definately going to incorporate the Orthodox faith into our school this year. Katelyn chose my saint to be the name for our school, St Sophia. When I read her story, I immediately knew that she had to be my patron saint. She is a perfect fit for our school as well! Here is her story if you are not familiar with it. I know that St. Sophia and her daughters are watching over us & praying for us! How comforting to know there are Saints up in heaven rooting for us! Lord knows, we can use all of the prayers we can get our hands on!! :) My first name day is coming up on Sept. 17th and I am so excited!!

As a mother, I cannot imagine watching Katelyn have to go through what those 3 girls endured, but it shows what we can overcome if God is the head of our lives. I pray that I can encourage Katelyn to keep firm to her faith. As God as always stayed close by her side, I pray that she serve Him in all that she does in life! I pray that by starting this curriculum & attending every service that we possibly can, that she too will have the strength & courage to continue to serve God in anyway He has planned.

We have started a new Orthodox Homeschool group and are hopefully going to have lots of field trips this year too!! Katelyn has made some great friends so far & she is looking forward to many get togethers this school year!

Thanks for reading all of my ramblings!

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